Bill Maher: Trump Is a ‘Traitor’ — We ‘Have to Go Ahead’ with Impeachment

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” comedian Bill Maher said President Donald Trump is a “traitor” who must be impeached.

Maher said, “I’ve been using the word treason and traitor for the whole time he’s been in office and every guest I had on the show has been saying I was an alarmist and overstating the case. I hear those words used a lot more. That’s what it is. What is it when you’re plainly with the people who are not us? Didn’t we see that in Helsinki? Plainly he was saying given the choice I’d go with President Putin, ‘President Putin says he didn’t do it. I don’t know why he would?’ Can you imagine if Bush after 9/11 had stood on the it rubble and says, ‘Well, Bin Laden said he didn’t do it. I don’t know why he would have.'”

He continued, “I think what you have to understand about him is he’s this political narcissist. I think every article should begin President Trump who suffers from being a political narcissist and go on with the story. Because there is no difference in his mind, his sick mind between doing what is right for him and doing what is right the country. I don’t think he thinks in terms of whether he’s betraying anybody. There is no betraying. There is only what is right and good for Donald Trump. I don’t know how we get out of this except getting him out of office. I wasn’t necessarily for impeachment until recently but I think you have to go ahead and do it. I know it’s pretty hard to convict. If you don’t do it with him, where is the bar? And what sort of damage is he going to do for the next two years he is there in this office?”

He added, “I think the question for everybody is who’s side are you on? Are you on the FBI’s side. He’s got Republicans attacking the FBI and all our institutions. Are you with Trump, this one sick man? Or are you with the FBI? Are you with the rule of law? Are you with Donald Trump? Are you with judges, are you with everything we’ve basically built our country on? Or are you going to throw it away for this one guy? I want to know what the Republicans, those enablers, the Lindsey Graham’s are thinking? What are you lying to cover up for this guy and you don’t even know what you’re lying to cover up?”

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