Dem Rep. Cohen: Northam ‘Needs to Resign’

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt,” Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) “needs to resign.”

Cohen said, “[H]e should apologize for the fact that he had no social justice in his heart or in his mind, that he was a person who thought that was funny, that didn’t look at African-Americans as being equal to him, or they wouldn’t have blackface pictures that he approved, whether it was him or not, and a picture with a Klansman. This is unbelievable. And when he says last night — he admitted it was him, and now he’s not sure if it’s him. … If you ever had a picture taken as a Klansman or in blackface, you’d know it. I mean, this is just terrible. And there are other things in his life that are questionable, his nickname when he was at VMI. All these things are not such that he can continue to serve as the governor…in a responsible way. He needs to resign.”

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