Jean-Pierre on Immediate Impact of Inflation Reduction Act: Pass It, Then See How ‘Mechanics’ of Lowering Energy Costs Will ‘Work Through’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the immediate impacts on inflation from the Inflation Reduction Act will be continuing Obamacare premiums that already exist right now and energy costs, although we’ll have to “get this bill passed, and then we’ll see how the mechanics and all of that’s going to work” on energy.

Co-host Brianna Keilar asked, “How does it bring it down right now, though? Americans need it right now.”

Jean-Pierre responded, “So, for ACA, those premiums, those 800 — about — average about $800 a month savings for Americans, that’s going to continue. That is something that we were fighting for for the past year. And so, you’ll have that. When you think about the energy costs and utility bills because of the investments that we’re making, that’s going to — they’re going to feel that right away.”

After Jean-Pierre re-iterated that people will feel the impact on energy costs “right away” Keilar asked, “How soon?”

Jean-Pierre answered, “Well, let’s get this bill passed, and then we’ll see how the mechanics and all of that’s going to work through. But those are things, specifically, that America’s going to feel right away. When it comes to lowering prescription drugs, that will be earlier in the year next year.”

Keilar then asked, “When it comes to lowering prescription drugs?”

Jean-Pierre responded, “Right. Because that’s something that Medicare has to negotiate. So, that’s going to be a process and that’s going to come –.”

Keilar then cut in to say, “But the actual phase-in is going to be many years later, just to be clear on the negotiation of the highest-priced drugs.”

Jean-Pierre answered, “That’s exactly right. But the process starts early next year.”

Jean-Pierre later added that people are “going to see energy costs, utility bills, that’s going to come down.” And those are “immediate impacts.” Jean-Pierre added, “I’m talking about the energy costs. That’s going to be immediate. I’m talking about the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, those premiums, that’s going to continue.”

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