On Friday’s broadcast of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” host and NPR National Correspondent Adrian Florido and NPR Special Correspondent Melissa Block said that the transgender community “fears a further escalation of hate” and their fear “has been amplified” due to “a surge of anti-trans rhetoric” after it was revealed that the Nashville school shooter was transgender.

Florido said, “Today, March 31, is the annual Transgender Day of Visibility. But this week has seen a surge of anti-trans rhetoric after police said the shooter who attacked a Christian school in Nashville identified as transgender. The shooter’s gender identity remains unclear. As NPR’s Melissa Block reports, the LGBTQ community fears a further escalation of hate.”

Block then reported on how “fear” among the transgender community “has been amplified this week by rhetoric in right-wing media that brands the entire trans community with the actions of one killer.”

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