Supporters Fume as Alleged PA Arsonist Held in Male Section of Prison: ‘Alexa Is a Trans Woman’

Supporters are fuming over the plight of Lee Alexander Wise, one of the 13 individuals arrested as a result of the lawless protests in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Sunday night. Organizers of a fundraiser claim that Wise, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, is a transgender woman who is being “punished unfairly in a myriad of ways” — including by being housed in a male section of the prison.

Lee Alexander Wise

Twitter Allows ‘RIP J.K. Rowling’ to Trend, Vilifying Living Author

Twitter allowed the hashtag #RIPJKRowling to trend on the platform on Monday, despite the fact that the Harry Potter author is not dead. The hashtag began trending in response to the release of Rowling’s latest book, which is about a transvestite serial killer. One commenter called the hashtag a “bottomless pit of misogyny.”


Transgender: Slashes Women echoed the radical transgender agenda on Thursday, warning social media users to “Beware the TERF” — an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” — and slashing a line thorough the universal symbol for women.

closeup of a transgender symbol painted in the palm of the hand of a young caucasian person