Hillary, Jay-Z

Donald Trump Blasts ‘Filthy’ Jay-Z

“His language was so filthy, that it made me look like the most clean-cut human being on earth,” Trump said, recalling a campaign rally that the rapper did with Clinton. “He would stand up before those crowds and he would use the F-word and Hillary would sit back and say, ‘Hey, Oh, I’m in trouble.’”


Three Foreign-Born Cases of Multi-Drug Resistant TB in Nashville, Tennessee

All told, in the six years between 2010 and 2015, seven cases of MDR TB were diagnosed in the state of Tennessee, including the three Nashville cases. The Tennessee Department of Health confirms that two of these seven cases of MDR TB were refugees, four were foreign-born but not refugees, and one was U.S.-born.

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Trump Wins Nashville Grassroots Straw Poll With 52 Percent

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — After delivering an energetic 50 minute speech using no notes or teleprompter, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump easily won a presidential straw poll conducted at the annual convention of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, garnering 52 percent of the votes cast.

Donald Trump

Exclusive: Trump Calls Club for Growth ‘A Pack of Thieves’

“They’re a pack of thieves,” Trump told Breitbart News about the Club for Growth as he was leaving Nashville’s Rocketown facility. He had just finished delivering a high-energy speech to an overflow crowd of more than 1,000 people.


Alleged Armed Robber Approaches Two Men, Demands Wallets, Gets Killed

On August 23, Marcus Henley and Maurice Harris were standing in front of Harris’s house when an armed man allegedly got out of a white SUV, walked up, and demanded wallets and other belongings. Henley shot the alleged robber, killing him on the spot.


Elderly Man Opens Fire on Alleged Teenage Robbers

On July 5, a 74-year-old man who was allegedly accosted by two teenagers while getting into his car in downtown Nashville was able to turn the tables on the suspects by opening fire, leaving one hospitalized.