Durbin Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said Thursday on CNN’s “New Central” that there needed to be a ceasefire in Gaza until those who have been kidnapped are released.

Anchor Poppy Harlow said, “Two years ago, 2021, during an escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza, you called for a ceasefire, and you said you, ‘couldn’t disagree more with Netanyahu’s policies when it came to the treatment of Palestinians.’ Is a ceasefire needed now?”

Durbin said, “I think it is. At least under the context of both sides agreeing. For example, the release of those who have been kidnapped should be part of this immediate release. That should be the beginning of it. An effort should be made to engage in conversation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Let’s face it, this is going on for decades. Whenever the rationale from the beginning, it has now reached an intolerable level. We need to have a resolution in the Middle East that gives some promise for the future.”

Harlow said, “Have you told the president, the White House, you think it’s time for a ceasefire, because that is a word that the President is intentionally not using?”

Durbin said, “Well, believe me what I said earlier about ceasefire is under circumstances, for example, the release of those who have been kidnapped as part of it, indication this is a good faith effort on the part of the inside. But then no, I have not communicated with the White House on that.”

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