Political commentator James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “Inside” that Democrats should “pummel” Republicans by running ads on “Nazi hags at school board meetings trying to ban Rosa Parks.”

Carville said, “Democrats don’t lose elections anymore. We haven’t lost an election in the last year and a half. We have an advantage right now, and we need to pummel him right now. I used to have a saying when I ran campaigns: the more you pummel them, the more they plummet. We have to jump on this abortion issue. We have to jump on this book-burning issue. Run ads on these Nazi hags at school board meetings trying to ban Rosa Parks. Run on all the things about all the intrusive policies. The majority of House Republicans want to codify insane ruling out of the Alabama Supreme Court. Almost 90% of them voted against protecting a woman’s right to contraception. Can you believe we are talking about contraception in 2024?”

He continued, “This book-burning thing, people detest that. Don’t let up. You have a financial advantage. You have a political advantage. Don’t allow him to catch up with you. You take advantage when you have it. And we have it right now. We are pretty good position as a political party.”

Carville added, “The abortion stuff, the birth control stuff, the book burning people hate that we have to remind them who is on what side. I never knew a Democrat that ever wanted to burn a book in my life.”

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