Officials are investigating after students were captured on video sucking on and licking each other’s toes at a high school in Edmond, Oklahoma, on Thursday.

Video footage caught the scene during a fundraiser at Deer Creek High School that helps raise money for a local coffee shop whose workers have special needs, Fox News reported Saturday.

“Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters soon announced an investigation into the incident, calling it ‘disgusting,'” the outlet said.

The Fox report noted that students volunteered to participate in the competitions during the week-long event, while others paid to attend the festivities.

“The video shows student volunteers who were paired up, one set sitting on chairs while the others laid down below them and licked peanut butter off of their toes,” the Fox article said.

In the clip, students were seen laying down on what appears to be a gym floor while the students with peanut butter on their toes sat above them on a long bench, per the National Desk.

An announcer counts down to one and then the students on the floor begin licking the other person’s toes as people watching cheer loudly.

In a social media post Friday, the Deer Creek School District shared how much money was raised during the event:

Official Deer Creek High School announced a total of $152,830.38 raised for the awesome organization, Not Your Average Joe from this year’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising! This total includes the $22,488 raised from Deer Creek Middle School‘s Unbelievable Fundraising Campaign.

Many dedicated students and staff gave generously of their personal time to achieve this momentous accomplishment, which will serve communities beyond the boundaries of Deer Creek. We would like to thank all of the patrons, businesses and sponsors who contributed to the success of this year’s philanthropy week events.

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the scene, one person writing, “This is nasty, way to much.”

“Ewwwwwwwwwww,” another user commented.

In its public statement regarding the event, the school noted that “no Deer Creek faculty or staff participated in any of the games during this Clash of Classes assembly.”