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KY Mayor Who Got Lap Dance from Male Students Was Sued over School Trip that Ended in Alleged Rape

The mayor of Hazard, Kentucky, and principal of Hazard High School, Donald “Happy” Mobelini — who was seen in photos receiving a lap dance from a scantily clad male high school student during a “man pageant” at a recent school assembly — was accused in a 2019 lawsuit of not properly chaperoning a school trip during which one student allegedly raped another.

Hazard, Kentucky, Mayor Donald "Happy" Mobelini

Kentucky Mom Defends Sick ‘Man Pageant’ Where Male High School Students Gave Mayor a Lap Dance

A mother is defending the “man pageant” in which scantily clad male students at Hazard High School in Kentucky were seen giving lap dances to school staff — including the principal, who is also the city’s mayor — at a recent school assembly. “People don’t know how to keep their mouths shut,” the mom said, seemingly vexed over the story making its way to the news.

Hazard, Kentucky, Mayor Donald "Happy" Mobelini