Woman Arrested for Failing to Return Rented 2005 Jane Fonda Film ‘Monster-In-Law’


A South Carolina woman was arrested Thursday on misdemeanor charges for failing to return a VHS tape she had rented 10 years ago.

According to WYFF-TV, an arrest warrant was issued for Kayla Michelle Finley of Pickens County, SC at the request of a video store owner who recently closed his doors and discovered Finley never returned a rented video.

While some die-hard film fans would likely suffer through nearly any form of discomfort to see their favorite movie, some would argue watching the film that landed Finley in jail was punishment enough.

What is the offending VHS tape? None other than the critically panned 2005 romantic comedy, Monster-in-Law, starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez

The film was given a mere 16 percent rating on the review site Rotten Tomatoes with one critic writing:

While Jane Fonda steals the movie in her return to the screen, a tired script and flimsy performances make this borderline comedy fall flat.

The film is still apparently torturing moviegoers, a decade later.

The warrant was discovered by Finley after she visited the county sheriff’s office to tend to an unrelated matter, via Independent.

Because her bond hearing was postponed until the following day, Finley spent a night in jail before the judge released her the next morning.

Finley explained on social media, per CNN, that she had simply moved out of state and forgot about the video.

“I’m no criminal,” she added.

According to film critics, Fonda was the original Monster-in-Law thief.


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