Journalist James O’Keefe has captured a Walt Disney Company executive alleging on camera that the studio sometimes discriminates against white males in casting as well as in the hiring process on the corporate side.

In a hidden camera interview released by O’Keefe Media Groip, a Disney TV executive identified as Michael Giordano said that the studio will sometimes explicitly state that white males won’t be considered for certain roles.

Giordano is a senior vice president at the Disney-owned 20th Century Television.

“Certainly there have been times when you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a white male for this,” he said. When asked by the interviewer if  this is an unspoken rule, he replied, ” There are times when it’s spoken.”

He said the studio sometimes will put out a directive stating “there’s no way we’re hiring a white male for this role.” He added that Disney “is very careful how they message that to agents.”

Watch below:

Later in the video, Giordano alleges Disney’s discriminatory practices extend to the corporate side.

“As far as Disney’s concerned, I’m a white male. And that’s not who they’re looking to promote at the moment.” He alleged that the company even turned down a half-black candidate for a job because he didn’t look black enough.

“It feels like that, at some point, there’s going to be a lawsuit,” he said, though he added that the company often uses euphemisms that might get them off the hook.

The revelations are the latest to hit Disney after the company embraced DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) as a core corporate value.

As Breitbart News reported, Disney is facing a federal civil rights complaint alleging the company’s DEI policies are unlawful and discriminate against white American men, Christians, and Jews.  America First Legal filed the complaint against Disney in February.

Elon Musk published leaked internal Disney documents that show diversity quotas being implemented across the company.