A top charity in the UK has said that it will stop accepting grant applications while they take time to lecture board members about the claimed ills of colonialism, how to be “truly-anti-racist” and about white supremacy.

The Tudor Trust, a British charitable organisation which hands out £20 million per year in grants and awards to various causes, said that it has frozen its application for further grants until they have properly re-educated board members with far-left ideology on racial issues.

“Staff and trustees are still learning about racial justice, white supremacy culture and how racism exists within Tudor and the wider society in which we operate,” the charity said in a statement per The Times.

In order to correct alleged wrong-think within their ranks, the Tudor Trust forced white trustees to attend 12 hours of ‘anti-racist’ workshops in order to embark upon an effort of “looking inwards at our own understanding of racism and white supremacy”. Adding an ironically racist element to the training, black, Asian and other ethnic minority staff attended their own workshops in which the white staff were barred from attending.

The charity said that their segregated meetings were needed to challenge “some initial thinking about whiteness at Tudor and areas that require change for the organisation to become truly anti-racist”.

White staff members were also lectured about the “different characteristics of racism born of Britain’s colonial history, as well as the white supremacy culture that prevails.”

Further laying out the woke vision for the charity, a spokesman said: “The process to become a truly anti-racist organisation takes time and involves a complex dialogue with our staff and trustees. This process is not yet complete and as a responsible organisation we cannot commit to a date when we will accept new applications.

“Tudor is moving away from its long history as a family trust and will be seeking new trustees to reflect that as the reimagining process progresses,” he added.

The Tudor Trust, which has approximately £288 million in assets, was established in 1955 following an endowment from Sir Godfrey Mitchell, an engineer and businessman who earned a fortune in the construction industry following the First World War. The current board of trustees is to this day replete with descendants of Sir Godfrey, including his grandson Matthew Dunwell, who heads up the board.

According to its latest reporting, the charity has directed about a quarter of its yearly grants to charities focussing on issues facing ethnic minority communities in Britain.

It is not the first time that the trust has flexed its woke muscles, controversially backing the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 on the basis that it had “further exposed the systemic racism… upheld by our institutions, media and culture, causing harm and denying opportunity to so many”.

The charity also joined leftists criticising the 2021 Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report — authored by Jamaican-heritage businessman Tony Sewell — which found that Britain is not an institutionally racist country. The Tudor Trust was among those who wrote to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson denouncing the report for supposedly ignoring the “lived experience” of people who faced rapid in the country.

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