Kurt Zindulka

Five Migrant Boats Sail for England Every Week

Despite declarations from both the United Kingdom and France to curb migrant crossings of the English Channel, a report has found that since the beginning of the year an average of five migrant-filled boats set sail towards England every week.

DOVER, ENGLAND - APRIL 04: An inflatable rib lies in the surf near Samphire Hoe on April 4, 2019 in Dover, England. Two separate incidents of migrants coming ashore have been reported along the Kent coast near Folkestone this morning. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Britons Support an Early General Election by Two-to-One

More than twice as many Britons support an “immediate” General Election to select a fresh Parliament as those who oppose.  The composition of the House of Commons remains the primary roadblock to Brexit moving forward.

Protestors hold placards near the Houses of Parliament in central London on September 5, 2019. - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Thursday for an early election after a flurry of parliamentary votes tore up his hardline Brexit strategy and left him without a majority. (Photo by ISABEL INFANTES / …