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New Zealand Portal: EU Has Become the Dictatorship It Aimed to Defeat

The European Union’s purposeful bullying of the United Kingdom, and attempt to serve up the independence-seeking nation as an example to other European member states that would consider going it alone has left it becoming the kind of dictatorship it was created to prevent appearing in Europe, a New Zealand report has claimed. 

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: WITH 'RELIGIOUS EDUCATION A FESTIVAL OF LIGHT IN BRITAIN' A young girl wearing a muslim headscarf listens as two teachers instruct the class in singing christmas songs at Featherstone Primary school 09 December 2003 in Southall London. Sitting cross-legged the children intone a Sikh chant accompanied by …

Sharia Law Scholar Defends M&S School Headscarves, Some Nine-Year-Olds ‘Mature’

Sharia law council scholar Dr Amra Bone has defended Marks and Spencer selling hijabs for primary school pupils, saying that some nine-year-olds are “mature” enough to wear them, while Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood said the retailer should apologise and withdraw the item from sale because it “oppresses” girls.