A migrant from the Dominican Republic told reporters that New York’s government is not living up to its promises to help migrants settle in American neighborhoods and to be handed freebies and jobs.

Yaniry Pena spoke through tears to WHEC-TV in a video posted Friday, and blasted officials of New York’s Monroe County for making life much harder than she expected.

According to the report, Pena and her children left their Dominican Republic home and made their way to El Salvador and embarked on a dangerous month and a half trip to the border where they crossed into the U.S.A.

Pena says that she has been traumatized by how she has been treated in New York as she spoke to the news outlet through an interpreter because she speaks no English.

“It’s very traumatic,” the bitter Pena said. “She says it’s been quite traumatic. Everything that has been told to us to come to Monroe County, to Rochester hasn’t been fulfilled.”

After crossing the border, Pena says she made her way to New York and then enrolled in a free housing program in Rochester. When she and her children arrived, they were given a room at the Holiday Inn Downtown for four months before being moved into a free duplex.

Pena said that the living space does not have gas or electric and she still hasn’t qualified for a work permit, even after being in the U.S. for a year.

WHEC’s Berkeley Brean asked Pena if she likes the U.S., to with the migrant replied, “Si. But not Rochester… No good Rochester.”

Pena’s plight highlights a particular problem with the wave of migrants ushered into the country by Joe Biden’s lax policies. Despite the massive amount of freebies, free legal aid, and handholding, most migrants remain on welfare either in total or partially.

To address the migrant problem, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) recently celebrated a $237 billion state budget that includes an additional $2.4 billion in spending for migrants above and beyond the billions already spent.

And while Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) have made moves to look tough on migrants by imposing time limits on housing — but merely allowing the evicted migrants to reapply for more housing — the wild spending on Biden’s border crossers is growing.

Even as millions of Americans struggle to keep a roof over their heads, some New York Democrats are demanding that taxpayers shell out for permanent free housing for these migrants.

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