Praying Woman Egged by Teens Became Homeless Mere Months Ago

Praying Woman Egged by Teens Became Homeless Mere Months Ago

According to Southern California NBC4, the homeless woman who was egged by three teens in Lancaster on Monday was Kathleen Hurst, who had become homeless just two months ago and was once married for 24 years.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that the three teens were booked on suspicion of felony assault and conspiracy and were being held without bail at the Sylmar Detention Facility.

Kathleen was sitting on a curb and praying: “Please Lord give me strength to keep me marching forward every day,” when one of the boys approached her and threw an egg from close range right at her chest. “It felt like somebody hit me with a baseball,” she said. “Seriously, if I had a heart problem, it probably could have killed me.”

The down-on-her-luck homeless woman was in such pain from the callous act that she is still sore. “I can’t even touch my chest. It hurts,” she said. “It’s been hard. It’s been one thing after another, and I always go, ‘How much more can you ask of me, Lord?'”

On Wednesday, The LA Times reported that a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy caught one of the suspects in the act near Sierra Highway and Jackson Avenue and arrested him immediately. Two other teens who were waiting for the alleged assailant in a nearby car were also arrested, all of them minors.

NBC4 reported that backpacks, another egg, a paint gun, a face mask, and cell phone video of other attacks were found in the Honda that was occupied by the other two 17-year-olds.