An Oakland Traffic Crew Can't Spell "STOP"

An Oakland Traffic Crew Can't Spell "STOP"

Maybe the reason California officials have such a tough time stopping their uncontrolled spending is that they don’t know how to spell “STOP,” reports local ABC News affiliate KGO. 

While a city worker was painting traffic control commands on a road in Oakland, he misspelled the word “STOP.” Stenciled on the road was “SOTP” at the intersection of MLK and Arlington Avenue. However, to his credit, he had included all the correct letters.

On Sunday, a proofreader had notated that the “O” and the “T” needed to be transposed. It was unclear how much salary a proofreader earns for the state of California to fix misspelled road directives, but it is suspected that the pension benefits are ample.

Fortunately for the city worker, it wasn’t an emergency and he needed to call 911….or is that 191?

Photo: Twitter