Poll: Los Angeles Now One of Top Cities for Aggressive Drivers

Poll: Los Angeles Now One of Top Cities for Aggressive Drivers

Often stereotyped as laid back and mellow, Los Angeles is now one of the leading cities for aggressive behavior while driving, according to a nationwide Safeco Insurance survey. 

The poll found that Los Angelenos demonstrate terrible road manners and rank at the top of the list for parking in handicap spots, cutting off school busses, and cutting into a funeral procession.

As reported by the LA Weekly, Safeco discovered that a whopping 85% of L.A. drivers think other drivers are too aggressive. Moreover, 82% harbor negative feelings toward other motorists. The study also suggests that City of Angels drivers may be in denial, because only 38% of them consider themselves too aggressive behind the wheel.

For those who want to improve their driving courtesy, Safeco listed the following pet peeves for Los Angeles drivers:

  • Not moving their vehicles all the way to the right to make a right turn
  • Taking up two parking spaces
  • Tailgating
  • Using high beams against oncoming traffic

The survey, which consisted of 2,006 adults, found Boston led, with 46 percent of drivers admitting that they were aggressive, while Los Angeles and New York tied for 2nd at 38%.