PETA 'Scent of Death' App to Launch on Day Dedicated to Fallen Soldiers

PETA 'Scent of Death' App to Launch on Day Dedicated to Fallen Soldiers

A 15-year-old-boy’s app design, which allows users to simulate the scent of the decaying flesh of dead animals, has just bolstered the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals’ arsenal of iPhone apps, which PETA touts as the greatest tool in the history of animal rights.

According to L.A. Weekly, the “scent of death app” was demonstrated at Los Angeles’s downtown Ralphs grocery store by its designer, Joseph Arambula, on Tuesday. The app is engineered to roll out in sync with the Memorial Day weekend, when millions of American families will be enjoying barbecues of hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, ribs, and chicken.

If just thinking about that juicy barbequed chicken makes you lick your lips, the new PETA app is designed to actually make you feel nauseous. According to PETA spokesman Liam Cronin, a dongle that can be plugged into an iPhone or iPad contains a cartridge with up to 100 sprays of rotten animal flesh smell. Liam explained to the Weekly that a shopper can scan the barcodes of hundreds of refrigerated and frozen chicken products, and the app will detect the code and spew out the appropriate vapor of dead-animal smell.

PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman linked Americans that have died on the battle field with killing animals for food. “It’s time for Americans to rethink honoring their country’s fallen service members by eating the corpses of animals who didn’t want to die. All anyone has to do is go vegan and the ‘scent of death’ will never haunt them again.”