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'Rock n Roll Principal' Expelled From Middle School for Cheating

'Rock n Roll Principal' Expelled From Middle School for Cheating

A Fresno middle school principal has been told to hand over his keys and is not allowed to come back to school because he used his school computer to promote his autobiography, “The Rock n Roll Principal,” asking friends and staff to buy it for $20.

Curtis Shamlin, 46, wrote the 80 page E-book using the district-issued tablet and acknowledged that he knew he was doing something wrong once he pushed the send button dispersing it to his target audience.

“I figured Human Resources would say, ‘Hey, don’t do it again,'” he said. But, the Tioga Middle School officials clamped down on him harder than he expected reported the Fresno Bee. “They brought me in last Friday and said, ‘Give me your keys, give me your computer,'” Shamlin recounted.

The Rock-n-Roll Principal now says that he no longer wants to work for the school district even if they will let him back. “I don’t want my job back, the way they’re treating people,” he said.

The one-time member of the Christian Rock Group Gryp now plans on producing a Christian-centered theatrical performance based on his rough and troubled life, which was impacted by being beaten as a child and getting kicked out of the house by his parents as a teenager.

The school district’s spokeswoman Michelin Golden said in an emailed statement that, they were fine with Shamlin writing the book, but were not happy with  “the misuse of district resources, including using computers and accessing external stakeholder data and internal employee and district data for personal financial gain.”


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