GOP Politician Aims to End ‘Big Brother’ Red Light Cameras in California


A new bill to ban red light cameras sponsored by State Assemblyman Matthew Harper (R-Huntington Beach) contends that the devices are dangerous because they increase the number of rear-end accidents.

Assembly Bill 1160 will prevent cities from adding traffic cameras, however, safety studies for certain intersections will be mandated.

Harper says that the cameras provoke people to make sudden stops, often prompting cars behind them to crash into them.  “It was actually a hindrance to the traffic,” he said.

“Whenever you have those fender-benders and those collisions, traffic has to stop to be able to accommodate those accidents, and it hurts the ability of people to get where they’re tying to go, rather than helps.… We’re trying to make traffic safer, flow better and trying to address the needs of Californians in terms of transportation.”

On top of that, Harper told the Los Angeles Times  that there is a “Big Brother aspect” that he finds disconcerting. “Red-light cameras have been something I’ve been in opposition to throughout being involved in public life here in Orange County,” he said.


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