Military Intelligence Budget Faltering Under Obama

Military Intelligence Budget Faltering Under Obama

In fiscal year 2011 (FY-11), the Pentagon’s Military Intelligence Program budget was $21.5 billion. In FY-12, it is down from that figure by $2.5 billion.

Moreover, the DOD is planning upwards of $500 billion in cuts for FY-13 and may face an additional $500 billion in reductions via Obama’s sequestered defense cuts. 

Why such large cuts? They are necessary because of the fiscal constraints and stagnant economy that have resulted from Obama’s faltering domestic policies. 

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says the cuts are understandable because they come on the heels of years of continuous increases in intelligence assets and budgets. Yet others say these cuts come at a terrible time for the intelligence community, inasmuch as the community is facing heavy scrutiny over Benghazi failures at this time.