Sensitive U.S. Documents Still Unsecured in Benghazi Consulate

Sensitive U.S. Documents Still Unsecured in Benghazi Consulate

On Oct 4, I had a post which indicated that sensitive U.S. documents were still strewn across floors and scorched furniture in the Benghazi consulate. The bad news — the documents were still lying in the open in the scorched consulate as of Nov 1. 

So while President Obama tells us he’s doing everything he can, and that he did everything he could once he learned the attack was underway, one thing he hasn’t done is send in agents to gather and protect sensitive U.S. documents. 

Some of the documents “include an email from [Ambassador] Stevens to his political officer in Benghazi” and other materials are clearly marked “State Department correspondence.”

Another document, which is actually a letter by a security team member written at 6:43 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2012, lies on the floor as well. It was written to the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a plea for help when the letter’s author realized the consulate was under surveillance: pre-attack surveillance

Today, the letter lies on the ground as just another testimony to the fact the those within consulate saw the attacks coming, but were left to their own devices.