State Department Awards $30,000 Contract for Yoga Classes

State Department Awards $30,000 Contract for Yoga Classes

The State Department has awarded First Thought Yoga of Arlington, Virginia, a $30,000 contract to administer yoga classes.

The State Department yoga program has received rave reviews, according to a testimonial on First Thought Yoga’s website:

Iam a State Dept. employee and am delighted to have the opportunity tojoin Anna each week for a yoga session. Afterward, I feel energized,yet relaxed, and ready to tackle the events of the afternoon. We hadsome interns in the office this summer and it was a pleasure to be ableto introduce them to the energizing benefits of yoga during the day. Anna includes a unique and thoughtful reflection during each class thatputs the crises of the day in perspective. I really appreciate thethought she puts into each and every varied session offered at the Dept.of State each week.

First Thought Yoga’s Director Anna Tecson “received her primary teacher certification in the Sivananda tradition and her advanced training in therapeutic yoga and the Tantric traditions.”

Ms. Tecson’s website calendar states that State Department yoga classes are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.