Pentagon: Espionage Strengthening China's Military Power

Pentagon: Espionage Strengthening China's Military Power

Monday, the Pentagon released a report detailing China’s vast use of technological espionage to expand its military power. The Pentagon report said China uses foreign investments, commercial joint ventures, academic exchanges, and industrial and technological espionage to strengthen its weapons systems.

“Beijing is investing in military programs and weapons designed to improve extended-range power projection and operations in emerging domains such as cyber, space, and electronic warfare,” said the report.

The Pentagon says electronic warfare (EW) remains a focus of the Chinese military.

“Chinese EW strategy stresses that it is a vital fourth dimension to combat and should be considered equally with traditional ground, sea, and air forces. Effective EW is seen as a decisive aid during military operations and consequently the key to determining the outcome of war.”

China claims it increased its military spending by 10.7% to $114 billion. But Chinese military spending estimates are widely known to be artificially low. According to the Pentagon, the real figure ranges from $135 billion to $215 billion.