Professor: 75% of Religious Killings Are Muslims Killing Muslims

Professor: 75% of Religious Killings Are Muslims Killing Muslims

On Sunday Dr. Rodney Stark, distinguished Professor of Sociology at Baylor University and author of the “Victory of Reason,” “The Rise of Christianity,” and “God’s Battalions,” was asked by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon to compare Christianity with radical Islam.

Stark emphasized that in comparison to Islam, “Christianity is a much bigger religion. Christianity is growing; Islam really isn’t.” The author claims there is a real problem with our government in the way we respond to radical Islam. He believes there is a political correctness that we are afraid to criticize terrorism even though it exists.

Significantly, in doing research for a new book, the professor said that he looked at data from around the world on all religious killings in 2012 and found that “75% of the people that were killed were Muslims who were killed by Muslims.” Dr. Stark added that “the major threat of Muslim terrorism is against other Muslims.”

The erudite Bannon recounted that in the professor’s book on the Crusades “God’s Battalion,”  Stark claims that the war that Islam had against Christianity originated almost from its inception.  Bannon suggested that many other books on the crusade cite motivations usually four hundred years later, when Pope Urban II  made a “plea to the French at Claremont” where he called for the crusades to commence.  

Stark shared with the listeners, who were tuned in to Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot Radio channel 125, that Islam’s war against the Christians didn’t start in the 11th century. “Remember the battle of Tours … was fought 350 years before the Crusades during which Islam was trying to colonize Europe.”  

Stark faults popular theories that Europeans went East to conquer the Holy Land, and said it “is really quite silly.” The author shared that often it is said that the Crusaders went to loot the Holy Land, but in reality they gave up everything they had to fight the Moslem Invaders and went bankrupt in the process. Most figured they would never come back “and they were right most of them didn’t come back.”


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