John Boehner: Obama 'Taking a Nap' on Iraq

John Boehner: Obama 'Taking a Nap' on Iraq

Speaker John Boehner criticized President Obama for his failure to react to the crisis in Iraq. Islamist militants have surged into Iraq seizing major cities in the country as well as financial resources and American provided ammunition and equipment.

Under Obama, the United States has reportedly failed to respond to Iraqi requests for air support against the insurgents after declaring the Iraq war over in 2011.

“After nearly 9 years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” Obama announced in 2011.

But Boehner criticized Obama for failing to secure the future of the country, which he described as in “jeopardy.”

Boehner also pointed out that Obama’s deal with terrorists for the exchange of the Taliban Five was a troubling signal to the rest of the world.