Jihadi John ‘Kidnapped Schoolboys at Gunpoint and Dumped them on Busy Motorway’

Jihadi John

Mohammed Emwazi, the terrorist also known as Jihadi John, kidnapped two schoolboys at gunpoint, forcing them into a car before ordering them to strip to their underwear and then leaving them on the M1 motorway.

Emwazi carried out the kidnapping in retaliation for a gang attack the previous day when he and his brother were beaten up and attacked with bricks by a gang.

The London Evening Standard reports that the incident happened in 2008 when Emwazi was a still a student at the University of Westminster. A friend, who was 14 at the time, told the paper the attack happened due to rivalry between gangs on two different estates.

He had gone to Mohammed’s home on the Mozart estate in the Queen’s Park area of London to buy a stolen bike from his brother, Omar. However, two people who knew he was from a rival estate spotted him and confronted him and Omar.

He said: “The Emwazis lived on Mozart. The gang there, Mozart Bloods, used to have big rivalries with other areas – the YGM gang in Lisson Grove, other gangs in Ladbroke Grove – people would get stabbed, hit with hammers all the time.

“I ended up going to Mohammed’s house to buy a bike off Omar. He sold stolen bikes to people at school and you would get a big discount.

“I was planning an ‘in and out job’ but two guys saw me. There was a big fight. They threw a brick at my head and broke my arm, Omar was punched in the face a few times and beaten up.

“The next day Mohammed turned up with two religious guys with beards. They drove round in a car and found these two guys who attacked us, threatened them with a gun, made them take all their clothes off and drove off. They dumped them on the M1 motorway. They weren’t attacked physically but they were threatened. It was a message.

“I saw the guys the next day at school and they apologised to me. Mohammed was a bit of a hard nut. He wasn’t into gangs but people were wary of him. They were pretty scared.”

Omar is now 21 and has voiced his support for Sheikh Khalid Yasin, who is said to have inspired one of the killers of Lee Rigby, and is a member of Power of Dawah, an evangelical Islamic group that tries to convert people on the street.