Author: ‘Crazy’ to Think ISIS Not Islamic, Obama, Kerry Turn Back on Evil


“It’s mind blowing and crazy to think that ISIS isn’t Islamic” said the author of a new book on global jihad, when asked about CIA Director John Brennan’s remark that ISIS is “psychopathic” not Islamic.

Benjamin Hall, a journalist who has written for the New York TimesThe Sunday Times of London, and Fox News joined Breitbart News Executive Chairman  and host of Breitbart News Sunday, Stephen K. Bannon, to talk about his new book Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army and the threat of global jihad.

Hall has been going to the Middle East for about six years spending a lot of time on the front lines in Iraq and in Syria. He believes that the Islamic State could irreparably damage the world. Saturday, Fox News aired a TV special based on his book called, “Unholy War-The March of ISIS.”

A significant portion of ISIS recruits come from the West and  are driven by a “blood lust,” says Hall. Bannon asked him, “What drives the blood lust?” The author said that those who turn to ISIS are rebelling against western values. “One of the great dangers here,”  asserts Hall, “ is that ISIS has a very active program of brainwashing to instill that bloodlust into future generations.”

In his book Hall points out that in the training camps children as young as ten are being trained to slit throats.

Breitbart’s executive chairman remarked that after he read the book, he got a distinct feeling that the mayhem created by ISIS will continue last for a long time.

“It kind of feels like the top of the first inning if you were to put it in baseball terms,” Bannon said. “Yet when I hear David Cameron, and I hear Barack Obama, John Kerry and the head of the CIA, I don’t get the same type of urgency from them about this problem, as I do when I hear Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Is there some kind of disconnect in the West? Are they hoping  that this thing goes away?”

Hall said that there is indeed a disconnect. Leaders like al-Sisi and other leaders from Lebanon and the Kurds are crying out for help. “The idea that we can slowly strangle ISIS over a number of years and hope that they will go away is fundamentally flawed,” he argued. “The longer we wait, the more of the underline problems that created ISIS will continue to grow. As Americans and the West sit on the side lines, ISIS jihatists are embedding themselves, not just ideologically, but also militarily.”

Hall further explained that “ISIS digs in and litters their cities with IEDs and explosives. We can’t expect that a few bombs dropped from the air is going to solve the problem.” The London based journalist insisted that, “we cannot hope to get rid of this evil unless more is done.

“Cameron and Obama are turning their backs on the problem,”Hall said.