Arabs, Persians on Twitter Congratulate Iran on Nuke Deal

AP/Brian Snyder

Arabic speakers around the world have taken to Twitter to congratulate Iran on their historic nuclear deal with the United States. Using the hashtag for “Nucleal Deal” in Arabic script, many are seeing the victory as one for Shia Islam generally against the infidel West.

Translation: State forward. State victory. Nation of Islam

Translation: UAE congratulates Iran on nuclear safety agreement

Instead of ten years, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear enrichment for eight years along with research and development. The country claimed it would keep only 300kg of enriched uranium.

Translate: Death to America.

The agreement also means Iran will limit the number of inspectors to their nuclear sites. Inspectors must give officials a 24-hour notice before they visit the sites.

Translation: We honor you with all accounts. Cheers to God!

A major part of the agreement states that the United Nations Security Council must lift sanctions immediately. This contradicts a law that President Obama signed this spring that says Congress needs 60 days to review any nuclear deal with Iran.

Translation: It’s been a long since I felt any pride!

Despite the law, President Obama told Congress not to oppose the new Iran agreement and threatened to veto any legislation that crosses his desk.

“We do not have to accept an inevitable spiral into conflict. We certainly shouldn’t seek it and, precisely because the stakes are so high, this is not the time for politics or posturing,” he said. “Tough talk from Washington does not solve problems; hard-nosed diplomacy, leadership that has united the world’s major powers offers a more effective way to verify that Iran is not pursing a nuclear weapon.”