Iran Deal: Obama Using Antisemitism, Says Glick

Caroline Glick (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)
Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News

LOS ANGELES, California — Renowned journalist, author and Director of the Israel Security Project at the David Horowtiz Freedom Center, Caroline Glick, says President Barack Obama has made antisemitism “a major theme of [his] administration’s push to pass the Iran Deal.”

Glick addressed a sold-out crowd at the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood, Los Angeles Thursday evening. She followed it with a personalized book signing. Her recent book, The Israeli Solution maps out what she describes as “a one state plan for peace in the Middle East.”

She elaborated that the Iran deal is an agreement which “guarantees and ensures war.”

“Here, the future of American Jewry is on the line and Obama put it there,” she said, adding that Obama’s “scorch and burn tactics” are characterized by “an antisemitic edge unseen by anyone in American history.”

Antisemitism was not necessary for this fight. He could have won this fight without antisemitism. He’s using it for a reason. He wants America to become antisemitic. There’s no other way of understanding what’s happening. Why does he want America to become an antisemitic county? I don’t know. But this is what he is fomenting.

She said that the $150 billion Iran will receive in sanctions relief is “a guarantee of war”:

This agreement guarantees and ensures war. It’s not nothing that this past week, Javad Zarif—John Kerry’s BFF [best friend forever] went to Lebanon and met with Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah before jetting off to Damascus to meet with Bashar al-Assad. These are war councils. They are talking about how this money is going to be used by terrorist regimes that are fomenting crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

Glick explained that while some of that money will likely go towards modernizing Tehran’s infrastructure, such as its subway system, it will also be transported to Iran’s revolutionary arm (IRGC), Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, the Houthis in Yemen, and all the other terrorist organizations that Iran has been cooperating with and directing.

She said Obama lies when he says that “this deal prevents war and anyone who opposes it is a war monger.”

She also explained that Obama is being dishonest when he says the deal is not based on trust, but on verification, positing that the opposite is true.

“This deal does not allow the United States or international community to know what Iran already has,” she said, alluding to Iran’s previous nuclear activity. “It also gives Iran control over when inspectors and what inspectors can come in to check suspicious nuclear activity that occurs during the lifespan of this deal,” enabling Iran to cheat.

And those “Death to America” chants are not just words, she added. “Americans think that if the hostages are released that it’s over. But of course that’s not true.” Referring to the infamous Beirut Barracks Bombing, Glick noted: “The same people who murdered [220] Marines in Beirut in 1983, that was also Iran through Hezbollah. But no one is mentioning these things because America’s attention span is so short.”

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren recently said “Iran has killed more Americans than any other entity other than al Qaeda and they are actively seeking to destroy Jews and Israelis throughout the world.”

Moreover, she said, “Obama was lying when he said that Israel is the only nation that opposes this deal. The Arabs are peeing in their pants. They oppose it too.”

Glick concluded:

The biggest fight that has to be waged in our lifetimes to date in American politics is the fight to get 44 democratic congressmen and 11 Semocratic senators to vote in opposition to this deal on September 17. We have to take this on–even if we don’t win–as a battle of our lifetimes. It is inexcusable to vote in favor of this deal.

Glick told the audience not to lose heart if opponents do not obtain the votes they need to override Obama’s presidential veto. “The most important thing is how we fight this deal. Beyond that, it’s important for Jews in the United States to understand that you can’t take freedom for granted.”

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