Washington Post: Breitbart Editor's Book Uncovered Nancy Pelosi's $50 Million Self-Enriching Earmarks

The Washington Post has completed an extensive study of earmarks–the process of slipping pet spending projects into bills–for all 535 members of Congress and has concluded that Rep. Nancy Pelosi added $50 million in earmarks for a light-rail project that runs near a four-story commercial building she and her husband own.

The Post says the revelation was uncovered by Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster bestseller, Throw Them All Out:

Over the past decade, the House minority leader helped secure $50 million in earmarks toward a light-rail project that provides direct access to San Francisco’s Union Square and Chinatown for neighborhoods south of Market Street. Pelosi’s husband owns a four-story commercial building blocks from Union Square. These earmarks were reported in the book “Throw Them All Out.” A Pelosi spokesman said the project was requested by community leaders and that the new stations on the line will be farther away from the building than those on the existing line.

In response, Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson, Drew Hammill, had this to say:

The entire city of San Francisco is 47 square miles and is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. The property in question is located right off of the Market Street rail line
and the closest new station will be considerably further away.

As many community groups have noted this rail line connects heavily populated areas in San Francisco, which have been underserved in the past and this project will help
alleviate serious congestion problems. The idea for this project originated in the community, specifically Chinatown and South of Market, and these community leaders came to their elected
officials in Washington for help.

According to the Washington Post, Hammill also claimed that two existing stations are presently located closer to Pelosi’s property than where the new stations will be located.