Media Matters Wastes Donor Cash, Loads Up on the Goodies

The Daily Caller has been devastating Media Matters for America all week long.

Yesterday, they dropped some of their biggest bombshells yet regarding the organization’s tax records.  Among their findings:

  • Media Matters and its 501(c)(4) affiliate, Media Matters action, took in almost $15 million last year.  That makes it a monster in the nonprofit world.  Its cash comes mainly from large donors – its top 21 donors provided over 50% of its total contributions.
  • David Brock, the allegedly psychotic drug-using leader of the group, paid himself nearly $300,000 last year, putting him squarely in the 1% in terms of income, while Eric Boehlert took in nearly $120,000 for following around Andrew Breitbart (and, according to Greg Gutfeld, having fun with lotion).
  • Media Matters is working in close tandem with Center for American Progress, even splitting fundraising with them – and as we’ve seen, both Brock and John Podesta, head of CAP, work closely with the Obama Administation.
  • Media Matters funded the parent group of former “green czar” Van Jones, which is surely one of the best-funded groups run by a communist on the planet.
  • In 2011, Media Matters paid $1 million just for its rent.  No wonder they’re fine with President Obama’s spendthrift ways.
  • Media Matters took in over $600,000 for use on gun control issues, even as Brock’s bodyguard carried around a handgun to protect him from phantom attackers (he probably should have been wielding Klonopin instead).

Media Matters’ donors have to be wondering if they’re getting their money’s worth from this organization.  If they’re not, they certainly should be.