No BFD: Obama Campaign Cursing Again

No BFD: Obama Campaign Cursing Again

This evening, Jeremy Bird, National Field Director for Obama for America, send out one of the campaign’s ubiquitous emails. This one carried the patented Obama stylings: role reversal (Mitt Romney as aggressor, Obama as victim), cliché (baked cookies – just wait), and most of all, cursing.

For some reason, the Democrats seem to think that dropping a few four-letter words here and there will make them seem more homey and folksy. How else to interpret tweets labeling Obamacare opponents “motherf***ers,” or the Vice President of the United States labeling Obamacare a “big f***ing deal” and the campaign printing shirts with the slogan, or the campaign asking “why the hell” Romney would select Paul Ryan as his running mate?

The Democrats can’t do blue collar anymore. Instead, they substitute carefully calibrated vulgarity. Read on:

Benjamin —

While his campaign pours tens of millions of dollars into negative TV ads that independent fact-checkers continue to prove false, Mitt Romney’s in Ohio complaining about … negativity!

Last night, he railed against the campaign that you and I have built from the ground up, calling it a “campaign of division and anger and hate.”

I’m working with volunteers and organizers on the ground and on the phone every day in the campaign, and I’m seeing and hearing the opposite.

While Mitt Romney diagnoses the President with everything from anger, to desperation, to being “intellectually exhausted,” we’re building the best damn grassroots program this country has ever seen. And we’re having a great time doing it.

Can you lend a hand? Donate $3 or more today to help build our grassroots movement.

It’s not division that brings young high school students together with the 70-year-old grandmothers on their local neighborhood team in Virginia.

It’s not hatred that inspires volunteers to celebrate a field office opening in North Carolina with homemade cookies.

The diverse groups of supporters who come together in neighborhoods across the country are doing it for one reason: Because they believe in working together and leaving our country better than we found it.

I bet you have a reason for getting involved, too. If you can, please donate to keep this campaign going in the critical last months:

Romney’s ads are 90 percent negative, and many are debunked almost as soon as they’re aired. While we can’t underestimate the effect that tens of millions of dollars pouring into key states can have, the way we win is never going to change: We’re focusing on the grassroots, every day.

Thanks for standing for what’s really important,


Jeremy Bird

National Field Director

Obama for America

Not just the best grassroots program. The best damn grassroots program. As Joe Biden might say, the grassroots program is a big f***ing deal, motherf***er. Ya’ll.