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Labor Boss Trumka Shows Up At DNC

Labor Boss Trumka Shows Up At DNC

This afternoon at the Democratic National Convention, AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka made a tour of the premises. Trumka has said repeatedly during this election cycle that union support of the Obama campaign would be low-key, and it certainly looks that way here – despite Trumka’s presence, union presence has been relatively low.

But that’s in private. Essentially, it appears that Big Labor made a deal with Obama to stay low key; Big Labor has been polling poorly among independents. Hence the public disassociation from the Obama DNC. And low-key doesn’t mean absent; the National Education Association has apparently dropped $1.2 million on the DNC, according to Shadowbosses author Mallory Factor.

And that’s just the beginning: Trumka has said that the unions will have 400,000 people on the streets for Obama; they’ve already committed half a billion dollars to help him. The nonsense about them being upset at Obama is a smokescreen to help Obama get re-elected. Once Obama wins re-election, look for him to move hard and fast to pay off his union cronies.


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