Rose Parade Same-Sex Marriage Condemned by LGBT Community

Rose Parade Same-Sex Marriage Condemned by LGBT Community

The New Years’ Day gay wedding on a float has passed. Most likely to some, it will remain fodder for conversation for both those who oppose and those who advocate same-sex marriage.

Indeed, many opposed to gay marriage have criticized Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots for choosing the Rose Parade spectacle as their matrimonial venue. In fact, opposition has been widespread and vocal, as witnessed by the “Boycott the 2014 Rose Parade” facebook page. It turns out that the newlyweds were getting an earful from gay marriage proponents as well.

Danny Leclair confessed to the LA Weekly that they had been scolded by gays:

We did not expect that some of our ‘supporters’ would join the chorus of dissent. We heard from gay men who felt it was too soon to flaunt our wedding in public. Some felt that it was wildly inappropriate to assert that committed same sex relationships could contribute to the reduction of HIV infections around the world. We heard from friends of the LGBT community who thought two men kissing on a cake would set back the movement by enraging the Right Wing Conservative groups. Then there were the concerned citizens who felt that any wedding, gay, or straight, should be reserved for less public affairs.

Not to be found in the main stream media press releases – or the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s statement that gay marriage is “the best protection” from AIDS – Leclair confesses to the LA Weekly, “This is not an assertion supported by empirical evidence. It is a starting point for a conversation that explores the notion that ‘Love is the Best Protection.’ By encouraging and celebrating loving, committed relationships we ask, ‘Will that contribute to the reduction of HIV in the gay community and for that matter, in all communities?'”