Book: Hillary to Run for President in 2016

Book: Hillary to Run for President in 2016

A new book affirms that Hillary Rodham Clinton is indeed running for president of the United States in 2016.

According to emails exchanged between Allida Black and Adam Parkhomenko, veterans of Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, they discussed launching a “2016 Ready for Hillary” super-PAC months before the former first lady and Secretary of State left the State Department.

Moreover, according to HRC, published on Tuesday, just a couple months after Clinton resigned from her job at the State Department, longtime Hilary adviser Cheryl Mills and Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with an eye on running her 2016 campaign, met to discuss Hilary’s run for office.

The conversation between Mills and Cecil involved “what-if” strategies for 2016, according to the book. HRC quotes a source familiar with the conversation as saying, “It was about her, what’s she going to do next, and then it was like if she ran, who should be the manager.” According to the book, published Tuesday and written by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Bloomberg’s Jonathan Allen, all wheels are spinning and moving forward on the campaign. There is no decision for Hillary to make about running for president; she already is doing that. The only decision for her, at this point, is should she not make a bid and shut down operations.

Strategist Allida Black believes that “if Hillary didn’t like what she was doing, someone high up in Hillaryland would call and say ‘Allida, shut this down!'” According to HRC, “That call never came, and over time an increasing number of high-profile Hillary loyalists jumped on board to give the fledgling super PAC a boost in credibility and fund-raising prowess.”

A consortium of Clinton’s brain trust, including dyed-in-the-wool Clinton advisers Harold Ickes and James Carville and former Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA), already signed on as advisers in 2013. Craig T. Smith, a White House political director under former President Clinton, was appointed to oversee day to day activities.

According to a CNN poll,

more than 70 percent of Democrats say that they would support Hillary for president if she were to run.