Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama Budget Betrays Future Generations by Piling on Debt

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama Budget Betrays Future Generations by Piling on Debt

Though President Barack Obama said Tuesday that his $3.9 trillion budget was designed with the interests of America’s future generations in mind, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, said it was an irresponsible one that betrayed future generations and was out of touch with reality.

“This budget betrays both our responsibility to Americans today – struggling to get by in this slow-growth, high-debt economy – and to our children, who will inherit perhaps the greatest debt any nation has ever accrued,” Sessions said in a statement.

Sessions said that contrary to Obama’s assertion Tuesday that the budget “enables us to meet our obligations to future generations without a mountain of debt” and “adheres to the spending principles members of both Houses of Congress have already agreed to,” it would increase the country’s debt to $25 trillion while obliterating the spending caps agreed upon in the Ryan-Murray budget compromise.

When Obama took office on January 20, 2009, federal debt was $10.6 trillion.

Sessions said that Obama’s plan dramatically raises taxes by $1.76 trillion, adds $8.3 trillion to our nation’s gross federal debt, and is “an open declaration that deficits don’t matter, debt doesn’t matter, and that reality itself doesn’t matter.”

“As Washington prospers, workers suffer,” Sessions, who has been a champion for American workers during the amnesty debate, said. “The causes are clear: energy restrictions that destroy jobs, regulations that hamstring productivity, a health law that shrinks the workforce, a welfare policy that penalizes work, a trade policy that sends jobs overseas, an immigration policy that reduces wages, and a crushing tax and debt burden that drains our vitality and growth.”

He also said that Obama’s budget simply “rejects the very idea of limits” and “is the manifesto for a big-government, tax-and-spend ideology.”

“It will further grow the government, shrink the middle class, and shield the political elite from accountability as they raid the nation’s wealth,” he said.