Craigslist Killer 'Super Miranda' Claims Two Men Escaped Savage Death

Craigslist Killer 'Super Miranda' Claims Two Men Escaped Savage Death

On Tuesday, Craigslist killer Miranda Barbour claimed in an interview at the State Correctional Institution in Muncy, a maximum security women’s prison, that two men had responded to her “female companionship” ad that she placed on Craigslist in November but didn’t show up. When 42-year old Troy LaFerrara responded to her ad and arrived, he was murdered in a savage strangling and stabbing attack by Miranda and her husband, Elyette Barbour.

Miranda Barbour told police in December that LaFerrara was still alive and “choking and gasping for air” as she and her husband tried to find a place to dispose of his body after stabbing him 20 times. Elyette told police that he and his wife wanted to kill together.

Miranda claims that the two other unidentified men avoided certain death by not keeping their appointments. “I tried it a few times but it never worked out,” Miranda admitted in her interview with the New York Daily News.”I knew we were going to do this since the day we met, and we tried, but the others just didn’t show up.”

Barbour, an admitted Satanist, assumed the alter ego “Super Miranda” when she murdered. She claimed in earlier statements to have killed at least 22 people. “Super Miranda” said she kept a favorite knife, on which she etched notches after each murder. Moreover, she insisted that she only murdered “bad people who do bad things,” reminiscent of the Showtime cable TV drama Dexter starring Michael C. Hall. In the show, the antihero Dexter Morgan is a “moral” serial killer.

The Barbours were arrested in December after investigators tracked Miranda’s cell phone calls to LaFerrara. Police said the Barbours told them they wanted to “kill someone, anyone, just for the thrill.”