SC Poll: 66% of GOP Primary Voters More Likely to Vote against Christie

SC Poll: 66% of GOP Primary Voters More Likely to Vote against Christie

A strong majority of South Carolina GOP primary voters are more likely to vote against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie if he runs for president because of his record of appointing liberal judges. 

A poll that the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) commissioned found that 66% of GOP primary voters in the “first-in-the-south” primary state “would be more likely to vote against Chris Christie after learning that he broke his promise to fix his state’s liberal supreme court by appointing justices who follow the rule of law, choosing instead to nominate several liberal judicial activists.”

On Tuesday, Christie made his first trip to South Carolina since becoming the head of the Republican Governors Association, campaigning with GOP Senate candidate Thom Tillis in Charleston.

JCN Chief Counsel Carrie Severino said the poll proves that the “issue of judicial nominations is as potent in South Carolina as any early 2016 primary state among Republican voters.” She noted that “almost every respondent–98 percent–said it was important that the next president appoint judges with a record of basing their decisions on the Constitution and the law as it is written.” 

“Unless Gov. Christie changes course on this issue and starts to live up to the promises he made to the people of New Jersey in his campaign, it will confront him head on if he chooses to run for president,” Severino said.

The Judicial Crisis Network is running radio ads and putting up digital billboards this week informing South Carolinians of Christie’s record on liberal judges. Christie had been at the front of the pack among potential GOP presidential candidates before his Bridgegate scandal sent his poll numbers plummeting.

The poll was conducted September 10-11, and it has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percentage points.


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