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Chris Christie Attends New Jersey Football Game Before Blitzing US For GOP Candidates


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went to a High School football game in Camden on Friday, and reporters were there with him. 

Christie visited the team about a month ago for a practice, and promised to return for a game.

The Camden Panthers won their game 27-14 as Christie was present with photographers and reporters as detailed by the Washington Post’s Robert Costa.

“People want to know that you’re paying attention and you care,” Christie said. “The only way to do that, as I’ve said over and over again, is to show up.”

Christie’s office released a video of the visit showing the governor giving a speech after the game to the athletes.

Christie’s public moment in New Jersey comes just as he prepares for a lengthy trip across the United States to campaign for Republican candidates as head of the Republican Governor’s Association.

According to Politico, Christie is traveling to Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Maryland this week and Kansas, Colorado, Maryland, Illinois and Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa and Florida next week. 


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