Chris Christie Team Celebrates ‘Not a Shred of Evidence’ in State Bridgegate Report

Chris Christie Team Celebrates ‘Not a Shred of Evidence’ in State Bridgegate Report

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s lead attorney for the internal investigation into the “bridgegate” scandal is celebrating word from a state legislative committee that it found no evidence connecting the governor to the incident.

“The Committee has finally acknowledged what we reported nine months ago — namely, that there is not a shred of evidence Governor Christie knew anything about the GWB lane realignment beforehand or that any current member of his staff was involved in that decision,” said Randy Mastro, hired by Christie to conduct an internal investigation of the incident.

Mastro’s report asserted that there was no information linking the governor to the scandal, but few accepted that as fully credible. The joint legislative committee verdict is more significant as it was headed by partisan Democrats.

The 136 page report released by the committee admitted that there was “no conclusive evidence” connecting Christie to the GW bridge closure. The state investigation, however, is only one of the two public investigations into the incident.

In September, officials revealed to a local NBC affiliate that a federal Justice Department investigation “found no evidence so far” connecting Christie to the case. A conclusive report from the U.S. Attorney’s investigation has yet to be released.

Christie was traveling in Canada on Friday after the report was released, and had no public events on his schedule.


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