Hillary: Opposition to Houston Non-Discrimination Ordinance Was ‘Fear,’ ‘Without Merit’

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the opposition to Houston’s recently-rejected non-discrimination ordinance as based in “fear” and “anxiety” and dismissed the “bathroom issue” as “totally without merit” at MSNBC’s Democratic candidate forum on Friday.

Hillary said, “Well, Rachel, look at what happened, because, you’re right, this ordinance is similar to ordinances across America, including in other cities in Texas, right? But what the far right did, very successfully, is to really engender a lot of fear, and a lot of anxiety, and create this backlash against this ordinance, and they used, you know, the bathroom issue. And yet you could go to another city in Texas, like San Antonio and you would know that that was totally without merit, that there was no basis for it. Now, I think this is a reminder that, if you stand for equal rights, if you stand against discrimination, you don’t just do it once and you’re done. You’ve got to keep fighting for it, and you’ve got to keep standing up for it, and you’ve got to keep moving forward with it.”

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