Trump Rejects Executive Gun Control: ‘Bad Guys Are Always Going To Have Guns’

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Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he opposes President Barack Obama’s effort to unilaterally impose further gun-controls, saying it represents another sacrifice of freedom in a world where “bad guys are always going to have…guns.”

During the January 3 airing of Fact the Nation on CBS, host John Dickerson asked Trump what he thought about Obama’s plan to use executive action for gun control, and Trump said,

I don’t like it. I don’t like anything having to do with changing our Second Amendment. We have plenty of rules and regulations. There [are] plenty of things that they can do, right now, that are already there. [But] they don’t do them.

Trump suggested the Obama administration is ignoring our “tremendous mental health” problems, pursuing more gun controls that will only apply to law-abiding citizens instead of building “institutions for people that are sickos.” Trump said, “We have sickos all over the place, and that’s the problem.”

While answering Dickerson, Trump also pointed out that people who tend to blame guns need to stop and think–“it’s not the gun that pulls the trigger.”

Amid a number of counter questions on gun control posed by Dickerson, Trump said, “Here’s the problem. The bad guys are always going to get the guns. You can pass all the restrictions you want, but the bad guys are always going to have…guns.”

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