Roger Stone: Trump ‘Only Nationalist in This Race,’ Candidacy an ‘Andrew Jackson-Type Moment’

Trump Feb. 29, 2016 AP Steve Helber

Republican campaign veteran Roger Stone tells Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon that populist GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the only “nationalist” in the presidential race, adding that Trump reminds him of Democratic president Andrew Jackson.

“He will be so disruptive of business-as-usual that many, many establishment Republicans in their secret hearts would rather have Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump,” Stone said. “She’s transactional. She’s a crony capitalist. If you’re a lobbyist, you can make a deal with the Clintons. It’s very simple. They worship money. Money is everything to them… You can’t buy Trump. You can’t bully Trump. And Trump, he’s a nationalist. And that scares them. He’s the only nationalist in this race.”

Former president Ronald Reagan did not win over Wall Street donors, Stone noted, and had a large number of small donors backing him. “Like Reagan, in a certain sense, Trump is not an elite. He’s wealthy. He’s personally wealthy. But remember: He made his money on bricks and mortar, on land. He didn’t make his money speculating on mortgage-backed securities. He is ‘of the people’ in a certain sense by his wealth. It really is an Andrew Jackson-type moment.”

“The elites of his time didn’t like Jackson,” Stone continued. “Too crude. Too loud. Too blunt. Too plain-spoken. And that reminds me of Donald Trump.”

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