Financial Times: ‘Disruptive Donor Fuels Trump’s Republican Revolt’

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Mary Childs writes in the Financial Times about GOP nominee Donald Trump’s largest campaign contributors: Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the father and daughter conservative donors who are stalwart opponents of the corrupt permanent political class.

The Mercers are not working to gain influence in the party: they are working to upend it. They have become one of the biggest and by far the staunchest supporters of Mr Trump, the polarising Republican nominee whose roller-coaster campaign against Hillary Clinton leans increasingly on his outsider brand.

Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, the Mercers have put millions of dollars behind Republican and Libertarian candidates and causes.

Their contributions show dissatisfaction with incumbents and an aim to disrupt or check those in power. “She is feared by the Republican establishment,” one friend said.

Alexandra Preate, another friend, added that Ms Mercer objects to the lack of accountability for “elected representatives who promise one thing to the people and turn around and drink the Kool-Aid and become part of the corrupt government establishment the minute they step foot in DC. The donor class never screams foul over this continuous deceit. And the American people and our country suffer the consequences.”

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