DNC Hires More Blacks, Latinos After Minorities Accuse Dems of Taking Votes for Granted

REUTERS/Chris Berry
REUTERS/Chris Berry

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) reportedly hired more Latinos and black staffers after the 2016 election after left-wing people of color called Democrats out for not having enough minorities in top positions.

The DNC reportedly saw “a big jump in the number of Latinos (from 5 to 22)” and an increase in the “number of African-Americans (from 22 to 30)” after the 2016 election, according to a Monday report the party released that also noted that “44 percent of DNC staffers are people of color.”

NBC notes the DNC prepared its diversity report as “the party responds to criticism that it has taken minority voters for granted while overlooking them for jobs and contracts.”

“Our mission is not complete, but we’ve made unprecedented progress,” DNC Chief Operating Officer Laura Chambers reportedly writes in the report. “We simply cannot be effective advocates for the communities we represent if we do not accurately reflect them at every single level — from staff, to party officers, to elected officials.”

The party’s institutions have come under fire in recent years for its hypocrisy on race issue. In 2016, for example, left-wing minority groups accused Senate Democrats of “soft bigotry” for employing nearly all-white staffers.

Minority Democrats, especially black Democrats who have made up the backbone of the party, have been more vocal—just like working-class conservatives have been with the GOP—in criticizing the party for taking their votes for granted and not fighting for their interests.