Michael Bloomberg: Bernie Sanders ‘So Far to the Left It’s Not Practical’


Presidential hopeful and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a shot at challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Monday, saying his ideas are “so far to the left it’s not practical.”

Bloomberg’s comments were made during a conversation with Axios in which he shared his thoughts on who he would support should the general election come down to Sanders and President Donald Trump.

Speaking on Sanders’ far-left agenda, Bloomberg claimed he would support Sanders over Trump and said that “what he wants to do would never get through Congress.”

“I don’t agree with him on virtually anything,” Bloomberg said of Sanders in a Monday night interview. “But I have committed to support the Democratic candidate because I find Trump so unsuited for the job.”

Bloomberg also insisted that Sanders “change some of his policies” should he be the nominee.

“I would hope that if Bernie did win he would change some of his policies, or Congress would make him change some of his policies,” Bloomberg said.

When questioned on whether he believed Sanders or Trump would have more success with the U.S. economy, Bloomberg responded, “I have no idea.”

Despite not having a clear answer on who would be better for America’s economy, Bloomberg went on to express his shock with the success of America under Trump’s leadership.

“Listen to me. Nobody, nobody, ever thought that Donald Trump would preside over the country and the stock market would go up 40 or 50 percent and unemployment would go down to essentially zero,” Bloomberg said.

In December, Sanders took aim at Bloomberg and claimed the “dumbest person on Earth” could run for president if they had billions of dollars.

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