DETROIT, Michigan — Conservative activist Scott Presler told Breitbart News that if every Christian voted in the United States, “we would never lose another presidential election.”

Presler, who spoke to Breitbart News on Sunday at Turning Point Action’s “The People’s Convention” in Detroit, Michigan, stressed the need for every Christian in America to register to vote.

“People really need to understand if every Christian in America actually voted, we would never lose another presidential election,” he said. “And 30 percent of evangelicals — it’s not that they don’t even vote — 30 percent are not registered to vote.”

“We want to get people registered so they can go from the pews to the polls,” Presler, who runs the voter registration organization Early Vote Action, added.

The conservative activist also mentioned that “the Muslim community is ripe to come over to the Republican Party.”

“We are seeing big moves from the Muslim community to the Republican Party because A, they don’t like Joe Biden’s anti-peace in the Middle East policies, and B, they don’t like the Democrats waging a war against children by pushing, shall we say, pornographic materials in schools,” he said.

Presler added that it is important for the Jewish community to register to vote, given that the terrorist organization Hamas is “being embraced by the Democrats.”

“I see people of faith in this election — they are going to be a very important coalition for Donald Trump,” he said.

Watch the full interview below:

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